Hello, I'm Katerina (she/her). I live in Albuquerque, NM and am mother to a wild and hilarious 11 year old kiddo and a miniature doodle fluffball. My family and I love to travel and we're always up for stopping a new rock climbing gym anywhere we go. My art lives in the print/paper/textile space and is loosely about feeling lost but maybe that is ok.

Thank you for visiting! Work on my site is available unless noted otherwise. Inquiries welcome——use the form below or email me at katerina.hazell@gmail.com.

Artist Statement

My practice is built around a series of experiences I had in my early 20s and the following slow process of healing and growth. Art making is a key part of how I process the grief and confusion of motherhood and religious trauma, and for now those things stand firmly in the background of every piece I make. 

Technically, I am interested in stretching the bounds of traditional book crafts and using  them in new ways. I love setting parameters and puzzling out solutions, letting a mixture of logic and chance play in my work. I work in handmade paper and letterpress, embroidery and quilting. I love combining my interests in textiles, print, and paper.

My research interests are in the history of print and graphic design, and my work is often responding to incunabula or mid-century commercial typography and printing. Contemporary best practices in book design were set in an era that in retrospect feels slightly absurd and exaggeratedly masculine, and I'm interested in chasing down threads of System and Reason, slowly pulling them from the process to see what might lay underneath.


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